There are more than 47 miles of hiking trails in Cook Forest State Park.

A few of the popular trails are highlighted below.

For information on all the trails refer to the Cook Forest State Park Trail Guide.


This trail spans over 4600 miles from upstate New York to North Dakota. We are fortunate to have the trail run through Cook Forest and border Kalyumet Fore Fun at Highland Drive.

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1.4 miles – Difficult Hiking. This trail runs from the Rte 36/Forest Road intersection near the Inn at Cook Forest and ends at the exit of Fire Tower Road. The trail winds through the magnificent old growth hemlock forest along the hilltop of the Fire Tower Road loop and the steep hillside overlooking the Clarion River. On this trail, you will walk among some of the tallest, largest, and oldest hemlocks found in the park. Many of the hemlock, white oak, and chestnut oak tress surpass 300 years old.

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1 mile – Difficult Hiking. This steep trail progresses from the north side of the Children’s Fishing Pond, deep into the core of the Forest Cathedral before joining the Longfellow Trail. Near the pond, observe the incredible stand of second growth Eastern white pine, logged in the 1800’s. As the trail levels off, look for the transition from second growth to old growth forest.

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Cook Forest State Park has over 47 miles of hiking trails. Stop in the Park Office for a trail map if you would like to explore the scenic beauty of the surrounding area.

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0.8 miles – Easy Hiking. This flat trail connects the wooden swinging bridge to the Log Cabin Environmental Learning Center through the picturesque Toms Run Valley. Keep a lookout for remnants of bracket dams once used to move logs downstream during the 1800’s logging boom.

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1.2 miles – Moderate Difficulty. The most well known trail in the park runs through the finest stand of old growth white pine forest in the northeastern U.S.. The trail starts beside the Log Cabin Environmental Learning Center and terminates on Forest Road. Along the way, hike past the Memorial Fountain and past the tallest known tree north of the Great Smoky Mountains, a white pine 185 feet tall!

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0.2 miles – Easy Hiking. This paved, ADA-accessible trail loop winds through a mature hardwood forest. It can be reached via the water tower access road near the entrance of the Sawmill Center for the Arts.

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The Cook Forest area has two Bicycle Trails.

The Cook Forest State Park Bike Trail is a scenic trail winding through areas of the park. It is recommended for the more serious mountain biker. The Rail 66 Country Trail lies on the historic Knox-Kane railroad bed. The trail parallels Route 66 running from Marianne, north to the Clarion/Forest County Line. The trail is presently 12 miles long. Nine of the twelve miles are paved. A total of 24 miles are under development. The trail is a great option for bikers, hikers and walkers of all skill levels.

A 13-mile bicycle route follows lightly traveled roads within the park and a portion of Hefren Run Trail. Biking on hiking trails is prohibited except on the bicycle route portion of Hefren Run Trail.

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Four-season non-motorized trail currently stretches 13 paved miles through the scenic countryside of northern Clarion County from Leeper through Lucinda to Marianne.

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